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Question 22: What question do you do you wish people asked you more (and were willing to listen)?

Question 21: How do you channel your creativity in your academics?

Question 20: What does empathy mean to you?

Question 19: Who has been your greatest influence?

Question 18: Do you dwell on regrets or learn to move forward?

Question 17: Next year, when you look back on 2017, what do you hope to see? 

Question 16: What’s it like making and sustaining friendships as you grow up? 

Question 15: What do you think and what have you been feeling about the recent US Presidential Election results?

Question 14: If you could go back to any time/era to see a concert, what show would you see?

Question 12: What kind of advice column are you most qualified to write?

Question 11: What’s in your “rider”?

Question 10: What makes you get up in the morning?