Group Projects 

Group Projects is a satirical short about the struggles of everyone's favourite type of assignment: group projects.

Directors - Jessica Huynh & Elena Gorgevska
Script Writers - Jessica Huynh, Elena Gorgevska, & Ryley Hughes
Script Assistant - Ryley Hughes
Director of Audio - Cedric Gardner
Editors - Elena Gorgevska & Cedric Gardner
Narrator - Jessica Huynh
Actor - Adam Gelberg


It all started when...

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Sam and the Christmas Spirit (2017)

For Ryerson RTA's Children's Storytelling

Director - Josefine Boutrup
Producers - Brittany Ledwell & Michela Prefontaine
Writers - Josefine Boutrup, Fjolla Kadrija, Taylor Banitsiotis
Storyboard Illustrator - Jessica Huynh
Character Design - Sabine King
Music - Johannes Manner & Michela Prefontaine
Sound - Johannes Manner & Martin Roodenberg
Editor - Josefine Boutrup
Animators - Josefine Boutrup. Michela Prefontaine, & Jessica Huynh