Digital Marketing (2018)

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Flywheel Strategic, I have been involved in numerous contractual client projects. I have created Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Ads for brands, as well as organic social posts. My expertise in SEO copywriting can be found in blogs and websites of my clients.

Due to the nature of the work, please contact me for samples of work regarding digital marketing.

Sam and the Christmas Spirit (2018)

As part of a Children’s Storytelling course offered at Ryerson University, my team and I created and animated a children’s show. I was the Storyboard Illustrator and Co-Animator.

Melange Talent Management (2017)

As part of a Talent Management course offered at Ryerson University, I designed a website for a fictitious talent management company that celebrated the diversity of talents Toronto has to offer. 

Images belong to David Noles Photography and included in fair use. 

Food & Feminism (2017)

As part of an Curatorial course offered at Ryerson University, I conceptualized and curated a fictitious exhibition with my teammate using contemporary exhibition practices in modern art. 

Digital Design Posters (2014)

As part of a Digital Design course offered at Ryerson University, I designed digital art posters. Fukushima and The Founding Fathers of America (America's DADA) were created for the purpose of provoking thought, while paying homage to various art movements throughout history. Both projects were created using Adobe Photoshop.

images used in America’s DADA belong to their respective owners and included in fair use.