I am Jessica Huynh


I am a writer, content creator, and digital storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario. 

In 2013, I left my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in creative industries at Ryerson University. Along the way, I discovered my passion in storytelling and editorial writing. I have published over 60+ written pieces over the course of three years. My works can be found in RU Student Life, Escape Toronto, TalentEgg, and StyleCircle.

I consistently strive to find the heart of a great story, which I believe is essential in humanizing brands and connecting with a larger audience. 

I also have a working background in production (as a Production Assistant with Sophomore Productions), non-profit (as a Community Outreach Assistant with Volunteer Toronto), and fine arts (as an Exhibition Intern with Revolver Gallery).

Some of my interests include painting, photography, and artistic gymnastics.

Connect with me to learn more about what I can offer as writer, content creator, and digital storyteller.