Jessica Huynh

I am Jessica Huynh, a digital storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario.

This is my online portfolio.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Huynh moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2014 to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries at Ryerson University. Specializing in Storytelling in Media and Curatorial Practices, Huynh blends her artistic pursuits with a background in business marketing. She has written for numerous publications for the last two years, with works included in Ryerson Student Life, StyleCircle, TalentEgg, TEDxRyerson, Volunteer Toronto, and Escape Toronto.

Huynh is interested in content creation, creative & script writing, and visual culture. Most recently, she completed an internship with Sophomore Productions, which allowed her to hone in on her social media and production assisting skills.

For business inquiries, please contact jessicahuynh.TO@gmail.com.