I am Jessica Huynh, a strategic and driven digital marketing professional with over two years of agency experience spearheading SEO and content strategies that help brands generate quality leads and improve their online presence.

Currently, as a Digital Marketing Manager with Art & Science Digital Experience Design, I work closely with clients to understand their performance marketing goals and objectives. I set, define and manage expectations while supporting and leading teams to ensure deliverables are achieved on time and within scope. As a strategic lead, I examine an account's overall performance to identify gaps and determine opportunities that will result in maximum growth for my clients. I am highly skilled in data analysis and reporting with a strong foundation in paid and earned media.

During my undergraduate studies at Ryerson University in the Creative Industries program, I was also a freelance writer/storyteller. My passion and specialization in media storytelling continues to lend itself well within my career. Whether I am implementing a robust social media marketing campaign or creating a highly effective search ad, I always incorporate a storytelling approach to my work. I consistently pinpoint “the heart” in everything I do, which I believe is essential in humanizing brands and making last connections with consumers.

My interests and hobbies include writing, painting, photography, bouldering/rock climbing, running and travelling.

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